I said a word, I repeated it up to bore the listener :o), and think that I finished my job, ok? Amen.
Whether I maked a word wine from the sea of words? It is not for me to judge, beloved. :o/
Of course, I wanted to show off, especially ... to Katie. :o)
      Borucki You know, okay? Borucki
No, no, this is the end of this story, okay? Thanks.

For You, Europe, 60 MB \|/
:o) They have no any chance. I'm just fooling around - he, he.
Borucki Hey Jude!
I know you killed him. And what will happen, how will the world learn about it?
Maybe it's just a bluff. :o/ What do you think about it, the Noblist, Bob Dylan? :o/
You did not even embarrass yourself, villager. Do not worry, not you, brother,

I am looking at. :o) He must be revealed in a fight, not otherwise. :o)
Katie? Are you standing with me or not, huh?
Hmm ... So I'm letting go on this world.
Maybe you think I'm in a hurry somewhere?
No, absolutely. :o/
I'm on the trail, and not ?! :o.
I card belt. :o) We'll live, we'll see, Katie, ok? -`%'-
In front of all people, I will defeat JHWH, okay? :o)
Not today, but I already have Him - he, he. Ah, life ...
I'm a born killer, like the eraser ... I am very sorry. :o)
1 + 1 = 2? Real God = Truth, okay?


Ps. I invite you to Gnojna street - he, he.
Now you must kill me like John, right? :o/
Ah, Jerusalem, my Jerusalem ...